CSR Criteria in Improving Business Efficiency

In some cases, companies need the confidence to implement the type of Corporate Social Responsibility proposed by Young and Tilley (2006). The six corporate sustainability criteria are applied not only to contribute to business social responsibility but also improve business efficiency. If it is presented in a convincing way it will be a success. This is because increased efficiency leads to greater cost savings and increased company profits. The six criteria discussed by Young and Tilley are

1. Eco-efficiency
Providing programs and services by using resources optimally with minimal waste and pollution.
2. Socio-efficiency
Is the relationship between the added value of the company and its social impact?
3. Eco-effectiveness
production and consumption of goods by using beneficial environmental, social, and economic characteristics.
4. Socio-effectiveness
Refers to an assessment of a firm’s absolute social performance and includes questions such as whether the firm’s products are accessible and thus benefit all or are limited in availability and benefit only a select few
5. Ecological adequacy
Refers to the availability of sufficient natural and human resources.
6. Ecological
Bringing awareness about the environment is important for human life has resulted in significant positive changes in viewing and treating the universe.

The point is that CSR must provide as many benefits as possible with the widest possible reach and be sustainable and have responsible investments.

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