Between Drilling and Caring for the Environment

Indramayu.-PDSI. Pertamina’s steps to commit and be responsible for the environment and nature conservation received additional new records. After several environmental care programs were launched by Pertamina, now through its subsidiary, PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia (PDSI) launched the Thousand Trees for Drilling program, which is the planting of 2,500 trees in the former location of drilling work carried out by PDSI. This year, PDSI plans to plant 10 drilling locations, namely Indramayu, Garut, Aceh, Southern Sumatra and East Kalimantan. This tree planting will be carried out around the area of ​​oil and gas and geothermal wells with a total of 100-500 trees at each point. Types of trees planted include perennials and fruits which are endemic to the local area.

The Grand Launching of this activity was held in the Indramayu area on Friday (23/10), attended by the Head of the Environmental Conservation and Control Division, Kab. Indramayu, Luthfi Harumain representing the Indramayu Regent, PDSI President Director Lelin Eprianto, Operations Director Gandot Werdiantoro, PEP Asset 3 General Manager, Jatibarang Field Manager, PDSI Management ranks, and community leaders and representatives. Tree planting activities that will be carried out in all PDSI operational areas are marked by symbolic tree planting.

To support the success of the program, PDSI involves the surrounding community to become Environmental Ambassadors (Tree Guardians). The main task of the Environmental Ambassador is to carry out planting and maintenance for twelve months. In addition to protecting plants, the Environmental Ambassador is also a driver of local community empowerment, through various educational and outreach activities to increase public knowledge about environmental conservation.

PDSI, whose core business is engaged in oil and gas and geothermal drilling and workovers, has long committed itself to a commitment to care for the environment as a form of corporate social responsibility. According to PDSI President Director Lelin Eprianto, in addition to tree planting, other environmental care activities are processing organic waste at the drilling site through the takakura method.

It is realized that every drilling operational activity will produce piles of waste, both in the form of organic and non-organic waste. “The results of the PDSI team’s calculations show that in drilling activities for a duration of 1-2 months, no less than 2.4 tons of domestic waste is generated, of which 26.38% or about 633 quintals of which is organic waste. This organic waste is then processed into waste through the takakura composter method, the results of which are distributed to local farmers, or for fertilizing replanted trees,” said Lelin in a further explanation.

Waste reduction is also implemented in all PDSI offices by reducing the use of bottled drinking water, and replacing it with glasses. This is because plastic waste takes 1,000 years to decompose. In PDSI’s drilling operations, all of these are packaged under the heading of Green Drilling and Health Operations. It is believed that PDSI’s environmental care activities do not stop here. Continuous improvement continues, making PDSI’s drilling operations feel cleaner, more comfortable and healthier in line with the current Pertamina Hijau policy.

Meanwhile K. Indramayu Environmental Conservation and Control Division, Luthfi Harumain expressed his appreciation for PDSI’s initiation and attention to environmental sustainability that has been carried out in the process of drilling operations. The waste management process at PDSI’s rig locations attracted his attention, so at the end of the event it was continued with a visit to the rig that was operating in Indramayu.-

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