Bank BJB Social Entrepreneur Training for Coconut Sugar Production

Location : Kec. Surade, Sukabumi, Jawa Barat


Program : Bank BJB Social Entrepreneur Training for Coconut Sugar Production

Program background : 

The area of Sukatani Village, Surade District, Sukabumi, West Java is an area that has the potential for people’s coconut plants. However, this potential has not been optimized, the potential of sugar farmers around Sukatani village has not been optimized with conventional production systems so that production is not efficient.
For this reason, BJB is moved to help sugar farmers, starting with providing education about the efficiency of coconut sugar production and also the use of an ATM-based financial system. Together with Smiles for the Country by bringing up breakthrough programs to support sugar farmers, and the reciprocity that Bank BJB gets, farmers who receive assistance are directed to open a BJB Bank account to support the payment system for program activities. In accordance with the 8th point of the SDGs, namely improving the economy of the target group and the 10th point of the SDGs, namely reducing existing social inequalities.

Stages of program implementation:

  • Program preparation
  • Program socialization
  • Training
  • Accompaniment
  • Evaluation

Output :

As many as 80 or 8 community groups have the ability to produce processed foods made from coconut to increase income.


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