Bank Indonesia BINDESIA (Bina Desa Bangun Indonesia)

Location : Cilangkap, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat

Program : Bank Indonesia BINDESIA (Bina Desa Bangun Indonesia)

Program background:

The background of the impact of waste and smoke from burning paper money that is not feasible / imperfect printing (HCTS) in Situ Cilangkap located in the Cilangkap area, which is located in the Cilangkap sub-district, Tapos district, Depok city. In addition to polluting the environment, there is an alleged case of the death of a baby who previously had no history of asthma or congenital disease from smoking parents affected by the smoke from burning waste which caused the anger of the surrounding community and many people blocked the burning area and strictly prohibited the activity of burning Bank Indonesia HCTS money.

So Smile for the Nation was asked to provide education to the public and change the public’s negative perception of Bank Indonesia to be neutral and even positive by implementing several community empowerment programs. In accordance with the 15th point of the SDGs.

Regarding program implementation:

  • Study Tour –Study program to Cilengkrang Village for Cilangkap community members to add insight related to good waste management
  • Restocking – Spread 6,000 fish seeds to Situ Cilangkap, Depok
  • Aquaponic –Simultaneous cultivation of vegetables and fish farming in the Cilangkap lakeside area
  • Kesehatan – Health checkup program, FREE treatment and renovation of posyandu
  • Rumah Kelola Organik – Garbage cleaning in the area and formation of waste sorting groups
  • Konservasi Situ –Planting 300 trees in the Cilangkap area and maintaining 297 existing trees

Output :

Situ Cilangkap as a Catchment Area area will maintain its sustainability and function for the community
benefit from the existence of the Situ both for fishing, culinary and tourism businesses. It also reduces the impact of smoke burning with hundreds of trees planted.

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