Boosting the Community’s Economy, Toyota Provides Assistance to MSME Actors

KARAWANG, SUN: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) is running an Income Generating Activity (IGA) program in the Ring-1 Karawang area by assisting with business support tools and AC service assistance in Margakaya Village and MSME training in Wadas Village. The handover for the procurement of the AC service program, which a representative from TMMIN submitted, was received directly by the Secretary of Margakaya Village on Friday.

A series of activities have been carried out in the form of assistance in making business administration to customer service and digital marketing to increase the capacity of the AC service group in Margakaya Village, Telukjambe Barat District. In addition to the AC service assistance program, TMMIN assists no less essential units, namely MSMEs.

As one of the driving forces of the economy in society, MSMEs have an essential value in creating jobs and increasing people’s income. In this case, TMMIN is enthusiastic about supporting the development of the Wadas Village MSME program, which produces food such as dim sum, pastries, and pempek. “MSMEs are the smallest unit in the community’s economy, but have a big impact and can encourage regional economic progress and prosperity. Hopefully, these MSMEs can develop, improvise, and innovate by future demands and challenges,” said Sasriadi, Section Head of Community Development PT.TMMIN.

The Margakaya AC service group and the UMKM group in Wadas Village expressed their gratitude to PT. TMMIN has assisted and conducted training activities for them. For information, the activity of procuring supporting equipment for the AC Service program and the Wadas MSME program is part of the mentoring process carried out by SUN in implementing the IGA TMMIN program, which will continue into other assistance processes.

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