Stakeholder Forum to Improve Citarum Water Quality

Until now, many people still use water from the Citarum river. Unfortunately, Citaru is still vulnerable to water contamination & pollution so it is far from being categorized as an II-class river. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry revealed that the Citarum river’s capacity is only 127 thousand kilos of biological oxygen demand (BOD), while the pollution load that enters the Citarum river is 430 thousand kg BOD per day”.

Water quality improvement is not only done by one party. Cooperation between all parties is necessary. One of them is to build a movement to clean the river, then build or beautify the river. And how everyone needs to be responsible for taking care of them.

In the Webinar Stakeholder Workshop – Alliance Water Stewardship initiated by SUN and Sampoerna, inviting a number of related stakeholders including the West Java Environment Service, Karawang Environment and Hygiene Office, Executive Director of AWS Indonesia, Director of Relationship Smile for the Country, Sustainability Sampoerna Engineer for Indonesia, Forestry Service, and BBWSC.

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