Encourage Creative Economy and MSME Products Through “Festival UKM Nusantara”

Pertamina Drilling, in collaboration with Senyum Untuk Negeri, has carried out the launching and socialization of the “Festival UKM Nusantara” at the Ballroom of Hotel South Sumatra (15/12). This program follows the 8th point of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Assistant II opened the activity, Drs HM Ali MSi, witnessed by Representative of Pertamina Drilling, Totok Budiarjo, and Representative of Smiles for the Country, Saefrudin. In his remarks, Ali said that the Prabumulih city government could not work alone in encouraging the MSME economy to be more creative and productive.

“Indeed, the role of other stakeholders is needed, such as what Pertamina Drilling did in collaboration with SUN in the framework of the Festival UKM Nusantara,” said the former Head of Kesbangpol, Thursday.

In the future, activities like this must be sustainable through the company’s CSR program to encourage the progress and development of MSMEs, especially in Pineapple City. “The Prabumulih Municipal Government is constrained by regulations, helping MSMEs. However, what can do production, capital assistance and product marketing. Thank you for Pertamina Drilling’s help and concern in collaboration with SUN to provide guidance and encourage the progress of MSMEs in Seinggok Sepemuyian,” he admitted.

Meanwhile, a representative of Pertamina Drilling, Totok Budiarjo, said this was an SME development activity, and prospects would be even brighter. Hence, it needed to be developed to be even better.

“This is part of the company’s commitment through CSR, to develop and advance SMEs in Prabumulih,” he explained.

He said, was not the first time. However, last year there was a CSR program, but only the shape is different. “CSR is a form of corporate responsibility towards the environment. It’s a form of company concern to carry out coaching for SMEs and be sustainable,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Saefrudin, the Coordinator of SUN, explained, “With this program, it can raise the level of Prabumulih UKM from the local level to the provincial level and even to the national level,” he explained.

“The products produced by UKM Prabumulih are varied and of good quality. So, they can be more creative and productive in producing their products. In order to be more economically valuable and no less competitive, “he concluded. (hmd)

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