CSR Nowadays

CSR Nowadays

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CSR is currently marked by the existence of an international standard initiative in the form of ISO, namely ISO 26000. ISO 26000 states that corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate social care that is currently an important aspect in order to improve company performance.

ISO 26000 is the international standard for social responsibility. A company must be responsible for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through ethical and transparent behavior in contributing to sustainable development.


How to adopt ISO 26000 in company strategy? To adopt it, it is necessary to examine the main issues in ISO 26000. There are seven main issues of ISO 26000 in planning CSR, which are as follows.

  1. Organizational governance (compliance with law, accountability, transparency, code of ethics, profile recognition, and stakeholder interest).
  2. Human rights (civil and political rights, social, economic, cultural, and vulnerable groups rights, as well as basic rights at work).
  3. Labor activities (workers and inter-worker relations, working conditions and social protection, social dialogue, occupational health and safety, and human resources).
  4. Environment (pollution prevention, sustainable consumption, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and protection and restoration of the natural environment).
  5. Fair operating activities (anti-corruption and anti-bribery, involvement of political responsibility, fair competition, promotion of social responsibility through the supply chain, and attention to intellectual property rights).
  6. Consumer issues (fair marketing, contractual practices, consumer safety and health protection, provision and development of social and environmental products and services, consumer services, dispute resolution, consumer data privacy and protection, access to key products and services, sustainable consumption, as well as education and care) Contribution to community and society (involving the community, contributing to economic development, and contribution to social development).

In CSR, there is a close relationship between the issue of ISO 26000, the company’s value chain, and stakeholders in CSR planning. Contribution to the community and society is a form of company involvement in optimizing the impact. The company’s involvement related to its presence in the form of social responsibility needs to be integrated into the company’s business strategy, especially in the field of contribution to the community and society. This is important because building positive relationships with priority stakeholders will provide benefits for both parties.

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