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CSR Assistance, This Is the Impact

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is one thing that is not far from the company. There are almost no companies that don’t do it because it has a big impact. In the past, CSR was only carried out by company employees and made the company’s business costs, but now there is a partner for your company’s CSR assistance that makes the CSR programs implementation in accordance with your company’s core business.

We help companies that need the best CSR strategies, so they don’t have a bad impact on the company. Maybe you, as community development, just entered into a CSR program but the impact on the community and related stakeholders has not been optimal. Well… What is the impact? This is the impact of the CSR program on the company.

CSR Long-Term Impact on Companies

Basically, CSR is one of the social responsibilities carried out by the company. With this CSR, the company will get a good image from the community, even though the business is still new if the CSR strategy set is good, the community will gladly accept it.

The importance of this CSR impact really needs to be considered, lest there be dependence that makes the company have to bear everything, especially on the image. This impact can be positive or negative if the company is not able to carry out the CSR programs properly.

To avoid those things, the company can try the company’s CSR assistance services or by conducting outreach activities that are in accordance with the needs of the surrounding environment. If this CSR has been prepared properly, there will be some good things that can be obtained.


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1. Opening Access For Investment

The first long-term good impact for the company is getting access to investment. People will not know if the company is not introduced first. How? Yes, by implementing a CSR strategy to get closer to the community.

If you don’t know it, you don’t love it, maybe that’s the right sentence for a company that is pioneering its development with a CSR program. If indeed the members or employees owned by the company are not qualified yet, there are company CSR assistance services that will help you.


2. Increase Stock Price

In addition to giving investors the opportunity to know how the potential of the company, it will also increase the company’s stock price. In fact, this value will continue to rise if the company is able to gain a place in the hearts of the public and investors.

After that, the owner will get big profits considering the higher the stock price, the more investors will be looking after it. So never underestimate the power of CSR.

3. Improve Company Image

What do companies want besides profit? Absolutely, good image. Every company that does branding expects good things for the company. The better the image in the community’s eye, the company can grow and will not be easily removed by competitors.


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Short-Term Impact of CSR for Companies

Program TJSL Jasindo

CSR actually doesn’t only have a long-term impact but also short-term, which means that it can be felt directly by the company. For example, company “A” provides funds to build public facilities as well as to increase people’s income in a certain area. This benefit will be felt directly by the community as well as the company.

However, this does not necessarily ensure that this impact will also have an effect in the long term. It depends on what strategy is used. Therefore, if you don’t really know how the “ins and outs” of CSR work, then, we as a partner in assisting the company’s CSR can help. There will be some short-term positive impacts obtained.


1. Strengthening the Company’s Brand

The company’s brand is also the most important thing. Brands that are not known by the public can be said to lose in the competition, but vice versa. Companies can strengthen brands in various ways, one of them is by implementing CSR programs. Although the risk is also quite large, the benefits are worth trying.

Even when choosing CSR assistance services, companies will definitely be advised to do things that can improve the brand in the community, starting with mapping the needs, not the desires of the community. At least even if the program is carried out once, it must be attached to the hearts of the community & memorable. So the products made are not in vain


2. Building Cooperation with Stakeholders

Program WASH Sampoerna 

Because the CSR program is intended to bring the company closer to the community, the impact will not be far from that. Namely being able to build cooperation with stakeholders involved in each activity. For example, the Regional Head, Government, and so on.

If the CSR process carried out is successful, satisfying, and has a broad impact on the community, then the people who work together and within the company’s environment will be happy to participate in promoting the product and supporting the company’s existence. It is not impossible that they will become investors because they are satisfied with what the company is doing.

3. Be a Differentiator With Competitors

Competitors will always be there, whether they have different or the same products. To differentiate from competitors, it is not only the vision, mission, brand, brand, label, and some important elements of the product, but also the CSR program  Suppose company “A” makes a donation to victims of a natural disaster in “A” area.

So company “B” can build a mosque in area “B”. This will help the community remember the name of the company that provided the assistance. Although it contains elements of the company’s promotional strategy (soft selling).

Through CSR assistance services, your company will be assisted in getting the best strategy. So, your company gets good feedback from the community. We, Senyum Untuk Negeri are here to be your professional advisor. We have professional service and experience in helping companies. So don’t worry about being disappointed.

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