Pengudang Village Dugong and Seagrass Conservation, Kab. Bintan

Location : Pengudang Village, Kab. Bintan, Provinsi Kep. Riau

Program background:

On the coast of the Bintan area, many fishermen have switched professions as Dugong/mermaid hunters instead of getting big profits, but the Dugong is now threatened with extinction. In addition to the meat, buyers are also eyeing the fangs, teeth, and tears of the dugong. And Dugong hunters sell to buyers at a very high price, around Rp. 100,000,000.00/head. In order to avoid the extinction of Dugong/Dugong, Smile for the country has created a Dugong and Seagrass conservation program.

Potential implementation of the program :

  • Assistance in handling waste oil and waste
  • Assistance for village institutional capacity: BUMDes, youth organizations, fishing groups
  • Financial management training
  • Breakwater construction
  • Assistance for household industrial production equipment (crackers, VCO)

Output :

The community will have an alternative to try, no longer hunting for Dugong or Seagrass. Dugong and seagrass habitats can be maintained so that their populations can develop and avoid extinction.

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