Through Kampung Berseri Program, SUN and ASTRA Improve Ternate’s Economy, Education, Health and Environment Pillars

In early July, SUN Facilitators and KBA (Kampung Berseri Astra) Togafo cadres conducted socialization about the importance of maintaining health and deworming medication. This activity was carried out for students of SDN 70 Togafo. The students were very enthusiast participating in the socialization because the socialization is fun but still did not forget their goals to educate the important points for knowledge about student health.

In addition, the Farmers Group in Togafo which is assisted by the Ternate KBA also harvests natural products such as chili. This economic activity is carried out by members of farmer groups, KBA economic cadres and accompanied by SUN facilitators. The vegetable harvest was later sold to the community around Togafo Village.

KBA Ternate also does community service to clean up the KBA Togafo graveyard environment. This activity was attended by 6 Environmental Cadres and the local community. This activity aims to create a clean environment in the cemetery area of ​​Togafo Village.

This activity is carried out to improve KPI stars in the fields of environment, health, education, and economy.

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