As a commitment to care for the welfare of the community, especially coconut sugar farmers, PT Bank Jawa Barat & Banten (BJB) in collaboration with the Young Generation of Intellectuals (GMC) implemented a Community Empowerment program based on People’s Coconut Plantation in Sukabumi Regency.

The implementation of this program is intended as a social responsibility in order to improve the welfare of the community in the ring one area of ​​PT BJB, especially coconut sugar farmers, through increasing the capacity and quality of coconut sugar production. At least 80 people who are members of 8 farmer groups in Sukatani Village, Kacan Surade, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, have directly benefited from this program. This is in accordance with one of the SDGs directives, namely encouraging continuous, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, as well as full, productive and decent work opportunities for the community. Of course also with the provision of access to information and skills training for success in these economic activities.

Basically, the potential of smallholder coconut plantations in the south coast of West Java is very large to be developed with coconut sugar as a commodity. However, the production facilities owned by farmers are still inadequate. To that end, the assistance provided is by building production houses, as well as procuring production equipment.

In addition, socialization activities regarding the implementation of this program were also carried out to all relevant stakeholders. This was followed by training on fertilizing and caring for coconut trees as well as coconut sugar processing technology. Sharing insights about the types of coconut and introducing the prospect of coconut sugar business. Providing an understanding of the differences between farmers and planters in caring for and rejuvenating coconuts in the context of coconut sugar production. Training on making stoves with fuel efficiency. As well as building an understanding of the importance of institutions and partnerships.

one of the coconut sugar farmers, Sukabumi is communicating with the CSR team

Through community empowerment programs based on community coconut plantations, PT BJB is committed to increasing the capacity and quality of coconut sugar production, both individually and in groups to develop production capabilities. In the future, increasing production must also be followed by developing and strengthening community institutions, both commodity-based institutions and joint business institutions that have been fostered in this program. Thus the course of this program will help move the economy of the Sukatani Village community, which is one of the areas on the coast of Sukabumi Regency. (/hmd)

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