Monitoring & Evaluation of Kiojay Mango Tree Seed Planting Program

Location: Karawang

Program : Program Monitoring & Evaluation – Planting Kiojay Mango Tree Seeds, Teluk Jambe, Karawang

Program background:

Monitoring and evaluation of the growth of the kiojay mango tree to obtain data and information on the number and types of trees that are able to adapt, their growth rate and study the factors causing their inability to adapt so that they can be used as improvements in future activities.

Stages of program implementation:

  • Program evaluation
  • Program Goal & KPI
  • Monitoring survival rate: life and death, tree height, number of fruit, fruit size
  • Monev evenly distributed points, collect more detailed data
  • Monev is treated or not the mango kiojay tree that has been planted.


With the ongoing monitoring & evaluation of this program, apart from being able to find out how far the growth of the mango kiojay tree seedlings are, it can also monitor the survival rate of life & death of these trees.

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