Plant 1000 Bamboos for Fragrant Citarum

Starting from a social issue that is being hotly discussed, the Citarum River has become the world’s attention because it is the dirtiest river in the world. The impact of the Citarum flood which affected 7 districts in West Java also became the basis for this program to be implemented. The Thousand Bamboos for Citarum program is a form of PT MPM’s social responsibility towards the environment in managing the downstream area of ​​the Citarum river and as an effort to prevent pollution in the upstream Citarum river, as well as maintaining the Citarum watershed conservation area (DAS).

The main activity in this program is the planting of apus bamboo seedlings that are ready for planting with the concept of simultaneous planting. From the target of planting 1,000 trees in the downstream coastal area of ​​the Citarum watershed, the planting process has been completed in 1 location with a total of 900 trees planted, and the rest symbolically as many as 100 trees were planted simultaneously by MPM management, volunteers, and local stakeholders.

Treatment will also continue to be carried out on bamboo trees planted in the 2019 Thousand Bamboos for Citarum program in the Karawang area, namely in Batu Jaya District. The care given is in the form of fertilizer and soil loosening, as well as regular watering. Evaluation of program performance will be seen from the side of the growth of bamboo seedlings that have been planted previously. If there is damage to the dried bamboo leaves, it is natural that the planting area must be cleaned and given fertilizer, as well as adequate water intake.

Significantly 95% of bamboo trees can grow in the coastal environment of the lower Citarum watershed. Treatment must be carried out optimally so that bamboo plants can grow perfectly, so as to reduce carbon emissions, maintain the balance of the Citarum watershed area, prevent flooding, and can be used as conservation for the community in preserving the environment around the Citarum watershed. Hopefully this activity is useful and can continue to work together for a better Indonesia. (hmd)

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