Improves Manado Health Quality with Kampung Berseri Astra Program

The facilitator team assisted joint toddler activities from area 1 to area 5, which were held in front of Alfamart Sindulang, attended by the Mayor of Manado with his wife. The program continued with the delivery of T-shirts to several members of the health pillar KBA which were handed over by the Pillar Leader and Mrs. Chairman of the PKK Sindulang 1.

In addition, the team provides assistance to the Hanna Cookies Business Group regarding product processing and product ordering through WhatsApp media. In this activity, Hanna Cookies received several product orders through the application.

This activity was carried out to improve the KPI Bintang related to health achievements and the development of posyandu programs and variants of the health coaching program and KPI Bintang Entrepreneurship, namely the product marketing coverage of the Manado KBA fostered business group in Sindulang 1.

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