Measure the Impact of TOYOTA’s CSR Program using SROI Method

Many companies claim that their CSR programs had an impact on both the community and the company. However, we don’t know whether their program is really successful or is it just self acclaim? To know the success of the program we can measure it using SROI method.

To measure their CSR program, TOYOTA Indonesia cooperates with SUN to measure the success of the program using the SROI (Social Return on Investment) method. SROI measurement is carried out in the CSR program of TOYOTA Indonesia such as welding service, laundry, and garbage bank at several points in Karawang Regency.

With this SROI method, we can measure the impact of CSR program and the value generated from SROI helps management to evaluate the program to be better, effective, and efficient.

Want to discuss and design a CSR program with SROI value of >5?

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