Pertamina Drilling Socio Enterpreneur – Smoked Catfish Processed Product Training

Lokasi : Aceh Tamiang

Program: Pertamina Drilling Pelatihan Socio Enterpreneur – Smoked Catfish Processed Product Training

Program Background :

The fall in world oil prices in 2015 created turmoil in the oil and gas industry. Many companies went bankrupt as a result of the impact of the drop in world oil prices. One of those affected was Pertamina Drilling in Aceh, which at that time was experiencing a difficult period, the company’s income decreased drastically, that’s why Pertamina Drilling carried out labor efficiency by laying off mass workers. including outsourcing workers, it resulted in several heads of families losing their livelihoods. That’s why Smile for the country initiated the creation of socio-entrepreneur training activities, which aim to create business opportunities and create jobs so that workers affected by mass layoffs can still have income to continue and improve their lives.

Stages of program implementation:

  • Area Survey
  • Program Socialization
  • Group Formation
  • Construction of Processed Facilities & Infrastructure (Buildings and Furnaces)
  • Smoked catfish production process
  • Product marketing and program assistance

Output :

People who have been laid off don’t need to despair, after being trained in entrepreneurship to produce Smoked Catfish, they will be able to live independently with the business they started and developed.a

Social Impact :

  • Smoked catfish sales have reached large numbers and are sold to various regions, from the current sale of smoked catfish it can become a promising income for entrepreneurs and the surrounding community.
  • Regional survey conducted with the regional potential approach
  • Program socialization is supported by local high officials
  • 5400 sangkuriang catfish were given to beneficiaries spread over five villages.
  • Intense Mentoring for 6-12 Months.
  • Media Publication & Brand Image Visualization
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