Pertamina Drilling Thousand Trees For Drilling

Lokasi : Sangssanga (Kaltim), Tarakan, Bunyu (Kaltara)


Program : Pertamina Drilling Thousand Trees For Drilling – Planting Trees for Sustainable Nature Conservation

Program background :

To overcome the environmental impact caused by drilling activities, the company has a negative impact, namely environmental pollution. In an effort to improve the environment around the drilling area, the company carries out social responsibility with a reforestation program around the drilling area.

Stages of program implementation :

  • Launching program Thousand Trees For Drilling
  • Formation of environmental ambassador
  • Environmental campaign
  • Tree planting and care (starting from September 2015-August 2019)
  • Fertilization and pest control

Output :

Through reforestation on critical land after drilling, it will be able to restore the condition of the land to be green and beautiful so that environmental pollution and soil erosion can be anticipated.

Social Impact:

  • Routine tree planting throughout Indonesia, which is carried out by PDSI every year, is expected to increase public awareness of environmental sustainability and the formation of green areas to reproduce pollutants.
  • More than 10,000 trees are planted in several areas around drilling activities in Indonesia annually.
  • Survival rate : 83% Tree alive.


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