ASTRA and SUN CSR Program to Help SDGs 3 and SDGs 4 Achievement in Ternate

KBA Togafo carries out activities in the health sector, namely the youth posyandu which involves 3 health cadres, which are carried out directly with teenagers coming to the youth posyandu every month for adolescent health checks. Such as medical checking, as well as weighing, and giving blood-added tablets to young women.

KBA Togafo also conducted extracurricular activities at SDN 70 Ternate City, which involved 6 Togafo KBA education cadres and facilitators. These extracurriculars include Futsal, sports, religion, and arts.

This activity was carried out to fulfill the KPI Bintang Health Pillar no. 2 and no.5, namely the coverage of the posyandu and adolescent health programs as well as the coverage of the variants of the health development program.

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