PT PDSI CSV Program, Crane Operator Training

Indramayu (29/02/20). This fourth year Youth Skills Training Program carries the theme of Crane Operator Training and Certification. In its stages, this program has selected several candidates, so that 11 youths who represent their area around Ring 1 PT PDSI (Indramayu) have been selected. This certainly has a positive value for the company because it has involved stakeholders and the surrounding community.

This program has been running for 14 days with activities carried out namely providing theoretical material on Crane Operators, practice and motivation. Certification exams are in the form of theory, interview and practical exams. This program is implemented by the CSR team of PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia which collaborates with Smiles for the Nation and collaborates with PPSDM Migas in terms of certification.

This program is a form of corporate social responsibility to youth around PT PDSI’s operating activities that have CSV (Creating Shared Value) values, that this integrates CSR programs in the company’s business chain. The CSV value implemented in this program is by providing projections for the best young people who are graduates of the PKP crane operator program to be able to devote themselves to the company in every RIG activity of PT PDSI. In addition, this CSR program also supports the achievement of SDGs point 8 (improvement of the community’s economy) and point 17 (stakeholder involvement for achieving company goals).

This Youth Skills Program was formally closed by Legal & Compliance Manager PDSI Agung Wibowo S.K and Indah Septiani CSR PDSI. “Hopefully the training participants will keep their spirits up regardless of the outcome and hopefully this program will be useful”, said Agung Wibowo in his closing statement.

In closing, the participants of the Crane Operator Training and Certification expressed their deepest gratitude to PT PDSI who collaborated with Smiles for the Nation which went well. It is hoped that in the future, this program can continue so that good guidance for the community and local leaders continues to run well. So that activities get support from the community. (hmd)

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