PT Jasa Raharja planting thousands of bamboo on the banks of the Citarum River

PT Jasa Raharja planted thousands of bamboo trees to reduce environmental pollution caused by heavy vehicle activities in West Java and its surroundings. Head of PKBL PT Jasa Raharja, Hermanus H said, the donation of bamboo trees planted along the 7 KM Citarum watershed was to help reduce pollution and also divert the function of the Citarum river flow as a source of life for the surrounding community as well as as a water absorber and resisting abrasion or erosion in the future. (10/10/2020).

His party admitted that the donated bamboo trees were 1,200 trees. “The choice of bamboo plants is because bamboo vegetation has the highest carbon dioxide absorption capacity, because bamboo has a very high photosynthetic ability. We hope that the bamboo trees that have been planted will be taken care of by the community, because this bamboo plant has many benefits,” he explained.

Hermanus asked the community or industry players to preserve the Citarum watershed. Even more so for industry players to manage waste properly so that it does not pollute Citarum water which is one of the sources of community needs along the Citarum river. Sector 19 Company Commander Supriyanto said that restoring the function of the Citarum river condition is not only the responsibility of the government and officials but also all groups of people. “Cooperation such as the one established with PT Jasa Raharja is a very good thing for environmental conservation. I hope that conservation programs like this can continue and motivate people to care more about the environment,” he concluded. (hmd)

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