SUN and Jasindo Conduct Social Mapping as the Foundation for the Initial CSR Planning

As the first step in successful community development, it must be started by understanding the community around the company’s operations and the company’s market area by conducting social mapping. The main objective of social mapping is to find and identify social programs that are really needed by the community.

Discussion with the village government of Sumberejo

The recommendations generated in the social mapping are community empowerment programs based on the proposals, hopes, and needs of the people of Sumberejo Village which were expressed during discussions, FGDs, and informal meetings with the community and leaders. The programs are grouped based on the 4 (four) strategic issues above and the model/type of program implementation, including [1] Empowerment; [2] Capacity building (both systems and individuals); [3] Procurement of infrastructure and/or facilities; and [4] Prizes (charity).

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