Hundreds of West Java Islamic Boarding School Santri participated in the English Literization Program

Cirebon, — In this era of globalization, everyone is required to be able to develop themselves. One of the important aspects in this era is language skills. Language is a window to the world, one of which is the ability to speak English. Where English is an international language that is widely used in global relations.

Seeing this reality, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk provides an opportunity for Islamic boarding school students to be able to develop their language skills in the English Literacy Program or the English Proficiency Program. This program lasts for 3 months in 6 salaf Islamic boarding schools under the auspices of Nahdlatul Ulama in Cirebon, Sukabumi and Cianjur. With a total of 330 students who receive the benefits.

Some female students carry out English learning activities in an open atmosphere

This program is a realization of the “Access to Education” pillar in Sampoerna’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), namely Sampoerna For Indonesia. Sampoerna together with the Smile Foundation for the Country (SUN) specifically designed this program by taking into account the needs and potential of students. This program has strengthened the relationship between PT. HM. Sampoerna with Nahdhatul Ulama.

The activity that has been carried out is the launch of the program in each region attended by Nahdlatul Ulama leaders and the local government. In launching this program, the Islamic boarding school expressed its gratitude because with this program the students would be able to understand English properly and correctly.

KH. Drs Pipin S. Aripin (Director of Ar-Riyadl Islamic Boarding School Cirebon) said, “We accept and support the English Proficiency program at this Islamic boarding school. He also revealed that the existence of this program is to motivate students to speak English and understand it more deeply.” The Head of PT HM Sampoerna West Java Area -Yohan Lesmana said, “We want to create individuals who are able to compete and master English. We believe that through learning with this interactive system, participants will be motivated and get positive things.” (/mnc)

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