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Inauguration of Ciputat Waste Management House

Inauguration of Ciputat Garbage Management House by the Deputy Mayor of Tangerang

Indonesia is ranked second in the world for producing plastic waste to the sea which reached 187.2 million tons after China (262.9 million tons) based on data from Jambeck (2015). Based on predictions from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s Directorate General of Waste, Waste and B3 Management, that the total amount of Indonesian waste in 2019 will reach 68 million tons, and plastic waste is estimated to reach 9.52 million tons or 14 percent of the total waste.

The data and predictions are certainly very concerning. It is inconceivable how many islands will be covered with garbage if the plastic waste is spilled on the mainland of Indonesia. Along with the urging and movement of environmentalists, the government finally implemented a paid plastic bag trial policy starting on February 21, 2016, coinciding with the National Waste Care Day, in 22 cities in Indonesia and the policy has been implemented by PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk. From the results of the paid plastic bag activity program, PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk is committed to carrying out activities in order to preserve the environment around PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk.

Senyum Untuk Negeri (SUN) Foundation facilitates the CSR program of PT Hero Supermarket Tbk. in the form of “House for Waste Management” as an alternative solution in carrying out environmental conservation activities in Pekanbaru City and South Tangerang (Tangsel). This program touches on environmental aspects. Through the “House of Waste Management” program, some people in Pekanbaru and South Tangerang are expected to take part in the waste problem so that they can unite to create a clean environment.

The Waste Management House Program aims to assist the government in educating the public on how to manage waste in the cities of Pekanbaru and South Tangerang. In addition, this program integrates several stakeholders to be able to manage waste in an integrated and effective manner. The RKS program is also able to improve the health and economy of the people living in the vicinity of the program.


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