Pandemi Covid-19, Sampoerna for Indonesia provides basic food assistance for DKI Jakarta residents

Senyum Untuk Negeri – Sampoerna for Indonesia cooperates with the SUN Foundation to hold a concern in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, namely the distribution of 5,500 food packages in five DKI Jakarta municipalities on Thursday (19/5). The food aid consists of rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt and tea.

“In the implementation of this assistance program, apart from being supported by Sampoerna For Indonesia, we also collaborate with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government program, namely the Large-Scale Social Collaboration (KSBB),” said Widi Sulistiono, CEO of the SUN Foundation. In addition, several related parties such as the kelurahan and the TNI assisted in the distribution of food aid packages.

One of the basic necessities, received directly by residents of Jatinegara Village. “I am very grateful for the basic food assistance from Sampoerna, slightly reducing the burden on our household needs during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Mrs. Wini (42 years old). The points for distribution of basic food assistance are five DKI Jakarta municipalities, namely East Jakarta, North Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta and West Jakarta. (hmd)

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