Sampoerna SAR teamed up with SUN to Help South Kalimantan Flood

Disasters came and went in early 2021, one of the biggest disasters at the beginning of this year was the flood that hit South Kalimantan. In response to the emergency situation, SUN and Sampoerna Rescue SAR went directly to the flooded area of ​​South Kalimantan to distribute aid to flood-affected areas.

Sampoerna SAR Team and the SUN Team visited the Sampoerna Banjarmasin branch office. The coordination process resulted in an assessment in the form of where the aid will be distributed and mapping for the recovery process after the flood in South Kalimantan. Mapping planning for the recovery process in some areas that were hit by flood includes repair of damaged buildings after the flood, improvement of clean water sanitation, and also traumatic recovery for flood victims. Some of the assistance will be handed over to the main BPBD post for South Kalimantan Province and prioritized to 5 affected points in Banjarmasin, focused on East Banjarmasin District, Sei Lulut Village.

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