SUN & MPM Holds Professional Driving Class Program “Life Skill Training Center or LSTC”

Senyum Untuk Negeri and MPM held the “Life Skill Training Center – Professional Driving Class” program. This activity is in the form of training and development of hard skills and soft skills. So, non-professional drivers have good driving skills, obey traffic rules, and have driving ethics.

The material taught in this training class is divided into 2 focuses; The first is the knowledge of professional driver soft skills which include mindset shifting,  service excellence,  customer service, driver ethics, driving techniques, traffic discipline, and driving safety.

As for the hard skill material, the participants were invited to learn vehicle recognition and steering mastery, good driving patterns, and defensive driving material.

In addition, the participants also received teaching about First Aid in Accidents, for example how to handle if they found an accident victim with a broken bone or an unconscious victim, including knowledge of CPR techniques and processes.

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