Social Return On Investment

“The urgency of Social Return on Investment (SROI) in business is that CSR is no longer seen as a cost center but CSR is currently a cost of investment. We need a quantitative method to measure the level of success/impact of the program. One method that can measure the level of program success is the SROI.”   


Social Return On Investment (SROI) is a measurement framework to help organizations understand and manage the social, environmental, and economic value they generate. SROI is a framework for measuring and accounting. Furthermore, SROI is not just calculating value. SROI seeks to reduce inequality and environmental degradation and improve welfare by including social, environmental, and economic costs and benefits. An SROI value of more than 1 means that every Rp.1 investment spent in the program will result in more than one program unit benefit (Meaning that the higher the SROI value, the better the program’s quality).


There are two types of SROI (The SROI Networks)

  1. Evaluative, carried out retrospectively and based on actual results that have occurred.
  2. Forecasting, predicts (prospectively) how much will create social value if the activity meets the expected results.


Our Experiences : 

Our Activities for measuring SROI :

Output :

  • Measurement of direct and indirect impact and SROI analysis of a corporate social program.
  • Planning, mentoring and optimizing the SROI value of a CSR/TJSL program.
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