SUN and TOYOTA Hold Social Mapping in Karawang in Order to Design a High Impact CSV Program

In battle, a precise attack on the target’s core will give a greater chance of victory than a sporadic attack. Likewise in designing CSR programs.

One right CSR program according to the needs of the community and company will have a greater impact than making many CSR programs that do not pay attention to these factors.

Now, how to determine the right CSR program according to the needs of the community and company? It’s easy, through Social Mapping

Prior to implementing the CSR program, TOYOTA Indonesia assisted by SUN conducted social mapping in Sirnabaya Village and Puseurjaya Village, Kab. Karawang. The output obtained from this social mapping is a recommendation for a sustainable CSR program as well as according to the needs of the community by maximizing the potential that exists there. In addition to program recommendations, social mapping can also map out which stakeholders are pro, neutral, or even contra.

Want to conduct social mapping so your company’s CSR program has a big impact and accordance with the needs of the community?

What are you waiting for, let’s contact us directly!

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