SUN and ASTRA Improve Manado Community Welfare through Kampung Berseri Program

SUN and ASTRA provide assistance to Simple Business Group III by the KBA Economic Cadre, Mrs. Sarce Kasim to meet the demand from supermarkets and souvenir shops in Manado. The processes carried out cleaning skipjack tuna, steaming, refining fish, up to the packaging process, and product delivery to supermarkets.

KBA Manado held a meet-and-greet activity for the recipients of the Manado KBA Astra sustainable scholarship. This activity was attended by all KBA Manado Astra scholarship recipients, Manado KBA Education Cadres, and accompanied by SUN Facilitators. This activity was carried out to improve the KPI Bintang Pilar Pendidikan number 4, namely regarding the variety of education in the Sindulang 1 Village.


The Manado KBA was also appointed by the sub-district to become the host and represent the subdistrict in participating Posyandu Competition. The activity was carried out at the new Posyandu House. In this competition, we hope that KBA Manado can win at the Regency/City level. So they can represent Manado City at the Provincial Level in August.


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