In Order to Improve the Level of Economy and Insurance premiums Payment, SUN and Jasa Raharja held a CSV program in the Form of Economic Development in Sleman.

Senyum Untuk Negeri, Jasa Raharja, and the Sendangagung Village government launched a program for developing and strengthening institutions and businesses for MSME actors, bamboo craftsmen, and BumDes administrators in Sendangagung Village, Sleman, Yogyakarta

The implementation of this program is attended by 80 participants every day consisting of 25 participants from the BumDes management element, 30 participants from the MSME actors element, and 25 participants from the Bamboo craftsman element in the Sendangagung Village area. The implementation of this program starts at 08.00 WIB until the afternoon.

During the activity the participants were very enthusiastic about listening to material from professional trainers who provided basic material to simulate the material, to prepare the participants to face the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 towards the Industrial Revolution Era 5.0.

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