COVID-19 Assistance for Karawang from SUN and SAMPOERNA

Sampoerna in collaboration with Senyum Untuk Negeri (SUN) provided assistance in handling COVID-19 for Karawang Regency through the Karawang Regency Regional Government. Sampoerna and SUN donated medical equipment in the form of 2 units of High Flow Nassal and personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of 2.500 hazmat suits, 2.500 KN95 masks, 2.500 gloves, 5.000 medical masks, and 1.000 pairs of boots.

Medical equipment and PPE assistance are intended to support medical personnel and the COVID-19 Task Force in the Karawang Regency in the midst of high transmission rates. According to data from the official website of the Karawang COVID-19 Task Force, Karawang Regency is still included in the orange zone category and has implemented Level 3 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). High Flow Nassal is given to meet the needs of handling COVID-19 patients who require respiratory assistance, and as a non-invasive alternative to ventilators that require intubation. Meanwhile, PPE is intended not only to be used by health workers but also for funeral cadres in Karawang Regency.

Regent of Karawang dr. Cellica Nurachadiana, symbolically representing Karawang Regional Government said, “Thank you to the companies that have simultaneously provided assistance, one of which is PT HM Sampoerna in handling COVID-19 in Karawang Regency. Of course, this assistance is given based on the needs that exist in the field and this is very helpful for the community, medical personnel, and affected economic actors”.

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