Improve clean water and sanitation in Bekasi, AQUA chooses Senyum Untuk Negeri

Sosialisasi program WASH support ODF

Clean water and healthy sanitation are basic needs of every human being. One of the points in the 6th point of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the environmental sector is to ensure that the community achieves universal access to clean water and sanitation.
The fourth pillar of Danone (AQUA Lestari) is community involvement and empowerment, especially in planning the integrated Water Access & Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) program in ring 1 of the factory. Seeing the condition of people’s habits in RW 07 Kel. Medan Satria does not yet have healthy sanitation facilities, such as septic tanks. Therefore, Smile for the Nation together with AQUA collaborated in the WASH program whose core program was the installation of a healthy septic tank according to the Regulation of the Minister of Health (Permenkes) No. 3 of 2014.

The WASH team and the SUN team built septic tanks in several areas around Medan Satria, Bekasi city. Although the septic tank construction process encountered many obstacles, one of which was the location of the septic tank construction point which had limited land due to the very densely populated RW 07 location. This fairly difficult condition did not dampen the team’s enthusiasm to continue to complete the septic tank construction process until it was completed. (ghn)

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