Toyota Indonesia, Toyota Berbagi, Toyota Forest Mangrove For Life

Lokasi : Kendal, Jawa Tengah

Program :

Toyota Indonesia, Toyota Berbagi, Toyota Forest Mangrove For Life – Penanaman Bibit Mangrove for a Better Life

Program Background :

Toyota is one of the largest companies in the production of motorized vehicles, because the large number of vehicle production causes the impact of smoke and air pollution to form the basis of the company and is assisted by Smiles for the Country (SUN) to realize a tree planting program to reduce pollution. Mangroves were chosen as natural sheeting along the Pantura route, especially in Kendal because the coastal abrasion in Kendal Regency is getting worse, even the island of Tiban, which had become a tourist destination, was badly damaged due to erosion. To restore and prevent further damage to the coast due to abrasion, reforestation by planting mangrove trees is necessary. in accordance with points 14 and 15 of the SDGs.

Stages of program implementation :

  • Survey
  • FGD
  • Launching
  • Planting mangrove seedlings
  • Take care a mangrove
  • Monitoring

Output :

Mangroves for Coastal Sustainability. Mangroves for a Better Life.


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