SUN and Jasa Raharja Appreciation for Traffic Hero

Jasa Raharja Traffic Hero is an appreciation from SUN & Jasa Raharja to appreciate the people and communities that participate in regulating traffic.

For example, volunteers who help clear traffic jams, volunteers who mark and patch potholes, and volunteers who collect nails on highways. These traffic heroes are all around us, we should give appreciation the work and dedication they have done. By doing this, Jasa Raharja & SUN hopes that  Traffic Hero will benefit and inspire many people, to drive safely on the highway.

A total of 5 participants who passed to the Grand Final stage took part in an offline event on December 2020, at the Grand Savero Hotel Bogor, West Java. Presenting the participants, the jury, and the Board of Directors of Jasa Raharja. The event ran smoothly by implementing strict health protocols, and after going through the judging stage the winners were announced, including;

– First Place: Dodik Murdiyanto Laksmana Putra (Volunteer traffic controller)

– Second Place: Nova Tri Widyadmoko (Indonesia Escourting Ambulance)

– Third Place: Rohim Bin Sarman (National Mine Sweeping Community)

– 1st Runner Up: Ardetya Eka Sunu (Nyah Nyoh Road Patcher Community)

– Second Runner Up: Agus Herianto (Police partner community)

We congratulate the winners, hopefully, they can continue to inspire and contribute to the people of this country.

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