Reduce Carbon Emission, PDSI Planted Trees in Prabumulih

Climate change is the world’s focus because it impacts environmental damage and substantial economic and social losses. The loss due to climate change to GDP without intervention is 115 trillion. Climate change affects various aspects of life, causing many failures in the economic sector and achieving other SDGs (food security, health, infrastructure, and ecosystems). In Indonesia, climate change disrupts ecosystems and triggers flash floods, landslides, extreme weather, drought, and forest fires.

Based on data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, it is stated that the most significant pollution occurs in industrial clusters, which is unfortunate because the industry is currently the economy’s main locomotive. It started from the social and environmental issues that are being hotly discussed. These problems make it clear that environmental pollution, such as land, water, and air, is increasingly massive and very dangerous for the survival of the surrounding community. So participation, in this case, the company is obliged to maintain the sustainability of the area in question—one of the efforts in implementing a tree-planting program involved stakeholders and the local community.

PDSI is a company that is also engaged in the petroleum fuel industry, which directly or indirectly contributes to the pollution problem. Therefore, companies must try to reduce the impact of air pollution. PDSI invites the community to plant trees to improve the environment through this program because regular tree planting is undoubtedly the first step in improving soil, water and air condition. Trees planted as many as 1000 trees, 800 complex trees, and 200 fruit trees. This program already refers to the basic principles of Permen BUMN PER-05/MBU/04/2021 and contributes to the achievements of SDGs Points 13 and 15, namely Managing Climate Change and Protecting Terrestrial Ecosystems.

Warner as the Project Manager of SBS PT PDSI Prabumulih revealed in the opportunity to socialize the environmental ambassador program and training that “Natural conditions are getting worse day by day, so efforts must be made to improve them. The effort is by planting trees, both around the house and in the company area. Even though the benefits are not felt now, the benefits will be felt by our children and grandchildren in the future. In the future, PDSI will continue to carry out similar activities as a commitment and responsibility of the company in reducing the impact of air pollution from business activities.”

“Planting trees means we are planting prayers, planting hopes, planting all of our work for the sustainability of future generations live. One way to reduce the negative environmental impact is by planting trees. One tree planted can save many organisms because the germplasm is very influential on the existing ecosystem,” said Dwi Koryana, the Head of the Prabumulih City Environmental Service (DLH), South Sumatra.

As the secretary of the North Prabumulih sub-district, African Delfino added, “On behalf of the North Prabumulih sub-district, we would like to thank PT PDSI very much for the TTFD program of planting trees in the Petai sub-district area, Prabumulih City. Hopefully, we can apply this program to areas still lacking trees.”

PDSI carried out the pilot program for planting trees and educating environmental ambassadors as a first step in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the environment. Hopefully, this program can be followed by a broader community. (hmd)

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