SUN Launch WASH Program to Green Citarum Riverbanks

SUN in collaboration with the Regional Government of Karawang Regency and supported by Sampoerna, launched the 2021 Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program. The WASH program aims to improve the community’s health quality and the environment by providing access to clean water, healthy sanitation, clean and healthy living habits, and environmental improvement.

The inauguration of the WASH 2021 program was marked by the symbolic planting of trees on the banks of the Citarum River by the participants. This inauguration activity was carried out in conjunction with the commemoration of Earth Day and was also attended by the district government. 

Through the WASH program, SUN seeks to do reforestation and increase water absorption on the banks of the Citarum River by planting vetiver plants. Not only that, the WASH program will also focus on providing education on clean and healthy living behavior and community-based total sanitation as well as communal toilet facilities, water sanitation facilities, and hydroponics in Karawang Regency.

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