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 “The Urgency of Rescue & Safety in Business is that every company needs to form an emergency response team. That is a manifestation of the company’s social and environmental responsibility. Programs carried out starting from Before a Disaster (Prevention/Mitigation), During a Disaster & Post-Disaster such as Trauma Healing & Recovery.”


Indonesia is ranked 7th among several countries most affected by natural disasters (ISDR World Disaster Reduction Campaign/UNESCO, 2019). One thousand four hundred ninety-nine disasters hit Indonesia from January 01 to June 30, 2021 (BNPB, 2021). Disasters include floods, tornadoes, landslides, forest and land fires, tidal waves and abrasion, drought, and earthquakes. All of these disasters resulted in 495 deaths, 68 missing people, and 5,391,502 people displaced. With this data background, Smile for the Nation comes with the Rescue & Safety program.

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Rescue & Safety (Programme of prevention (mitigation), preparedness (preparedness), emergency response (responsibility), and recovery (recovery) of disaster-affected locations. Smiles for the Nation Volunteers are ready to assist in the recovery of pre, during, and post-disaster conditions and accidents that occur company area.

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