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KARAWANG – PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna), through the Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia, has previously conducted SME training for communities in Sumberjaya Village, Tempuran, Karawang. This year, Sampoerna is back to support SMEs in the SME development program in several villages, namely Sumberjaya Village, Sukaluyu Village, and some SMEs in East Telukjambe District. Training conducted includes Product Processing Techniques, Marketing and Promotion Techniques, and Business Bookkeeping Techniques held at several locations such as the Blendungan 2 Village Hall in Sumberjaya Village and the Village Hall in Sukaluyu Village, Karawang (21/03/2024).

At the training event, which is part of the support for the SME Development program initiated by the Karawang Regency Government, Sampoerna also collaborates with its social responsibility partners, namely the Smile for the Nation Foundation (SUN) and the National Land Agency (BPN) of Karawang Regency, as well as the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs of Karawang Regency. The training initiative is aimed at consistently fulfilling Sampoerna’s commitment to creating sustainable value, especially empowerment for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which are the backbone of the national economy, especially in Karawang Regency.

The training, attended by around 90 SME players in the Karawang area and its surroundings, is one of the mentoring programs of the Karawang Regency BPN and the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs of Karawang Regency. This training is directly conducted by Coach Risqy from the Sampoerna Entrepreneur Training Center (SETC). SETC is a CSR institution directly under PT HM Sampoerna engaged in training and human resource development.

Also, present at this training is the Substance Coordinator of Land Reform and Community Land Empowerment of the Karawang Kantah, Mrs. Heni Fauziatul Umam, Head of the Agriculture Unit of Tempuran District, Asep Suardani, Secretary of the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Regency, Amid Mulyana, East Telukjambe District Head, M. Saefullah, Head of Sumberjaya Village, Ahmad Sopandi, Head of Sukaluyu Village, Lina Herlina, and External Affairs Manager of Sampoerna, Ishak Danuningrat, as well as SMEs in Sumberjaya Village, SMEs in Sukaluyu Village, and SMEs in East Telukjambe District, Karawang.

“We thank PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. for their commitment because for the second year, they have helped accommodate SMEs in Sumberjaya Village, and this year they have expanded the program to Sukakuluyu Village and East Telukjambe District. Our hope in this training program is to bring more development for SMEs and economic benefits to the people of Karawang Regency,” said Amid (21/03).

Mrs. Een, one of the training participants, said that this sustainable training has broadened her insights into improving product quality and learning techniques in marketing, promotion, and good business bookkeeping as SMEs, and many more skills gained from the coaching provided in this training.

“At least SMEs only know how to make and sell without considering the quality of the products and business bookkeeping. Therefore, the existence of programs from Sampoerna is expected to provide education to SMEs regarding the importance of maintaining product quality so that they can last longer and provide significant profits for SMEs,” said M. Saefullah, the East Telukjambe District Head.

Meanwhile, Ishak Danuningrat, External Affairs Manager of Sampoerna, stated that this program is Sampoerna’s commitment and effort to support the sustainability program for the progress of the economy of Karawang Regency through the Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia umbrella program, especially the Social pillar, namely socio-economic welfare for the wider community in the operating company’s area. In addition, this program can also utilize local potential, develop SMEs, and at the same time provide benefits in the form of additional income for the surrounding community.

“Karawang Regency indeed has great potential for SMEs for the regional economy. The role of the community, government, and support from the private sector, which synergizes to support SMEs, is very important to be able to develop them with the sustainability of the program. This program is also in line with the Three Hands Philosophy that guides Sampoerna, which reflects the company’s commitment to contribute to all related stakeholders, including the wider community, which in this case is SMEs and the people of Karawang Regency,” said Ishak. (hmd)

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