PT Tirta Investama collaborates with SUN Consulting to Hold MSME Training for Improving the Economy of the Cicadas Community

As a form of concern for the community around the company, the company producing Aqua mineral water, PT Tirta Investama Plant Citeureup, held a Training of Trainer Capacity Building for MSME administrators in Cicadas Village on Tuesday (18/7/2023) at Mandawasa Cafe Cicadas Village, Bogor.


The company did this as part of PT Tirta Investama’s efforts to improve the community’s economy through SDGs points 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), point 10 (Reduced inequalities), point 11 (Sustainable cities and communities), and point 17 (Partnership for the goals ).


The ToT Capacity Building aims to make MSME administrators have a capacity that continues to grow to ensure continuity in essential aspects such as self-motivation, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and leadership. The training with the jargon “UMKM Bisa” was attended by all MSME management in Cicadas Village, the head of LPM Cicadas Village, the External Relations and CSR Coordinator of PT Tirta Investama, and the Trainer team.


The event was opened with remarks from the chairman of the UKM Cicadas Village, Hani Anisa, who stated that the MSME program was a community need to improve the economy with goals to be achieved together with MSME administrators and members.


“Thank you to Aqua and SUN for carrying out this activity, God willing, it will be very useful for us MSME administrators to be more solid and independent. Thank you also to the MSMEs administrators who have had the opportunity to attend during their busy lives,” said Hani.


In addition, the Chairperson of LPM Cicadas Village, Ahmad Gozali, in his remarks before the MSME administrators, thanked PT Tirta Investama Plant Citeureup for holding ToT activities for MSME administrators. “Previously, only the agency carried out training activities like this. This is the first time that a company has held MSME training activities at a cafe around here so that it empowers the surrounding community as well,” he said.


“This training is a program to form team building, process activities related to simulations and games so that it can provide learning on how to build a team, and it is hoped that the lessons learned can be implemented as a big step in building a solid team in advancing MSMEs in Cicadas Village, hopefully, more successful in the future. because MSMEs have to be pushed continuously”, said Edi Suratno, External Relations of PT Tirta Investama Plant Citereup, during the training activities.


According to several participants, the impressions and benefits of this training were as brief as the comments from the herbal drink business owner Isnawati. “The activities are fun and very useful,” he said.


The same thing was conveyed by the fried onion business owner Nur Asiyah. “With the game, it becomes more compact and makes it more refreshed,” he said.


The same goes for Retno’s gluten-free cake business owner’s comments. “It’s great to teach a good business model, it’s very effective as one of the ToT materials because business trainers must understand business models,” he said.


PT Tirta Investama Plant Citeureup cooperates with SUN Consulting in the Mandiri Cicadas Raya MSME program as a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through this program, PT Tirta Investama Plant Citeureup hopes to support the development of MSMEs in Cicadas Village, Gunung Putri District, with the mentoring process being carried out. (hmd)

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