Pertamina Drilling Sentra Pemberdayaan Petani – Petani Nanas, Prabumulih

Lokasi : Prabumulih, Sumatera Selatan

Program : Pertamina Drilling Program Sentra Pemberdayaan Petani – Petani Nanas, Prabumulih

Program background :

Prabumulih is one of the cities in the province of South Sumatra which has great potential in agriculture. One of its superior products is pineapple, so the city is dubbed the City of Pineapple. Prabumulih pineapple is famous for its sweetness and its marketing reaches the island of Java. However, the current condition of pineapples in Prabumulih is apprehensive, a solution that can be used as an alternative to overcome the above problems is to redevelop Prabumulih’s pineapple culture.

Stages of program implementation:

  • Program Socialization
  • Training and mentoring
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Pineapple conservation – 750 Pineapple seedlings planted

Output :

Pineapple fruit will become an icon of Prabumulih City and enrich the diversification of processed foods made from pineapple.

Social Impact :

  • By selling processed products such as jams, juices, and sweets, it can increase the economic value of pineapple so that it can increase farmers’ income which in turn will also prosper the farmers.
  • The development of Prabumulih Culture as Pineapple City is back.
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