Program Komitmen Anak dan Ibu Sehat Hero (KASIH)

Entrepreneurship is an activity that is familiar in Indonesia. The uneven understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship for people living in rural areas, ultimately causes rural economic inequality. Therefore, there needs to be a breakthrough in order to be able to improve the economic level of the community towards a better economy. Inadequate infrastructure coupled with a lack of human resources is a trigger factor for the uneven understanding of entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

Generally, entrepreneurship is often found in the business world, but recently it has grown from entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not only owned by entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurship can be owned by everyone, of course if there is a strong will, optimistic attitude, and creativity that is able to make new innovations. For example: Banyior Village, Sepulu District, Bangkalan Regency, Madura, which is literate about the importance of entrepreneurship.

One of the efforts of PT Hero Supermarket Tbk in improving the role and function of posyandu is the KASIH program (Hero’s Child and Mother’s Commitment). This program is a form of concern for PT Hero Supermarket Tbk in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia through promotive health efforts such as maternal & child health education activities, competency improvement of posyandu cadres, health seminars & posyandu competitions. In addition, through preventive health efforts in the form of additional food, consultation for pregnant & lactating women and health services.

The KASIH program (Commitment for Healthy Children and Mothers of Heroes) in the 3rd year focuses on entrepreneurship programs. The hope is that posyandu cadres can increase their income and can finance posyandu activities independently.

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