SUN Greening Tiban Island by Planting Mangroves

The Tiban Island area, which has become one of the tourist icons of Kendal Regency, is now increasingly in poor condition due to abrasion. It encourages Smiles for the Nation which cooperates with PT. Jasa Raharja carried out reforestation by planting 10,000 mangrove plant seeds in the area in Kartikajaya Village, Patebon District, Kendal, Central Java, Saturday (7/11/2020).

It started with a symbolic planting together (SUN, Jasa Raharja, Kendal Environmental Service, village head, Pokdarwis and local residents) along the river to see Tiban Island whose condition had disappeared under sea water. The waves crashing due to abrasion that has occurred since 2017 caused the pine trees on Tiban Island to fall down, including the stalls of traders and facilities, such as toilets.

Together planting mangroves

The Head of PKBL Affairs at PT Jasa Raharja, Hermanus H, said that Jasa Raharja cares about the environment, because the gas emissions from motorized vehicles make the air dirty. To clean it can be done by doing greenery. “The goal is to preserve the natural environment”, he said.

Therefore, reforestation of mangrove trees is expected to be able to prevent and withstand waves of abrasion. The hope is that Tiban Island remains a reliable tourist spot. “With the existence of tourist attractions, the local community’s economy can be lifted,” he hoped.

Through a program with the theme Thousand Mangroves for Kendal, we are determined to restore Tiban Island as a tourist spot that can be relied upon to boost the tourism sector of Kendal Regency, so that the economy of the local community can be lifted.

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