The Truth About CSR

Most companies practice various versions of CSR that cover the scope of philanthropy to environmental sustainability. Companies must make more initiatives in various scopes to create impactful CSR programs.

There are four steps that can be taken:

  1. Trimming and aligning programs in each scope. Companies must ensure that the programs run are in line with common goals. Companies must reduce or eliminate programs that do not answer social or environmental problems. The most important thing is in accordance with the company’s business goals and values.
  2. Develop metrics to measure performance. The success of the program according to different scopes. However, this should be measured systematically.
  3. Coordinate the program across the scope. This does not mean that all program initiatives have to address the same problem. Each scope within it is mutually reinforcing and consistent with the company’s business goals and values.
  4. Develop an interdisciplinary CSR strategy. The underlying objectives of program initiatives across multiple scopes were managed without creating major barriers for many companies. Strategy development can be top-down or bottom-up, but ongoing communication is key.


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